An Edmonton Winter Christmas Mini - Departure Photography

   There is nothing I love more than a lifestyle session with a theme. Maybe it is partially because of my past job working with Occupational Therapists at the Stollery or just who I am but I love a session with an activity. Not only does it provide the lifestyle/ photojournalistic situation that I love, it also gets everyone involved.

Pulling out the Christmas Tree

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   Activity and interaction is especially key when twins are involved. I consider myself lucky to have more than one client that has twins. I love taking photographs of them! I love the challenge of working with two, independent yet similar, children and capturing their distinct personalities.

   That’s where the activity plays a big role. By giving them something to do and minimal “posing” instructions, I get to capture their authentic interactions with each other. It allows me to capture those little nuances that make these adorable twins who they are. That way when Mom and Dad look back at their pictures they can remember exactly what their kids were like at that stage.

   Knowing that kids at this age love to be involved and do things THEIR way; I brought along my trusty sleigh and a mini Christmas tree with some decorations and lights. Seeing the Christmas tree the kiddos eagerly agreed to setting it up.

  It was fascinating watching these two cuties build the tree. Twins are so intriguing to me because they are accustomed to having someone there all the time. They are use to sharing and working together with someone that is at the same stage as them.

  Watching Rylie and Ava was like watching a dance unfold. Neither needed to talk. Each knew their respective roles. Rylie grabbed the Christmas tree and Ava collected the decorations. Then they shared the decorations and while Rylie finished up with the decorations, Ava got the lights and set them up. All was done with no vocal communication and moved along flawlessly. I could have watched them all day.

The Set Up

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   It was also really amazing to see their personalities come out. Ava was much more outgoing and didn’t shy away from the camera with her goofy smile. Rylie on the other hand was slightly more reserved. Still up for anything, she didn’t always want to be centre stage during the activity. However, when it came time for posing she was ready to use her “super model” pose complete with slightly turned chin and popped knee.

   We finished the session with a little snow throwing and some tag. It was an extremely fun day and made me love my job even more.

Time for Fun!

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  Thank you Ava and Rylie for hanging out with me and having so much fun. You two are adorable! Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy (and Safe) Holidays.

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