After being married for nine years there is one thing I know for certain; being married to your best friend makes marriage significantly more entertaining and a little bit easier. Marriage is not always skipping through fields of sunflowers and happiness. In those trying times, having your best friend there to help you through is something I know I am always thankful for. That is what I saw when I photographed Ben & Jessi. Two best friends sharing their light hearted and goofy love with me.

Sessions like these really make me love the lifestyle, photojournalist style that I strive for. To get the chance to document two peoples relationship, their favourite spots, inside jokes, and their interactions with each other is always an compelling challenge.

So with their trust placed in me and my beloved Nikon we headed to downtown Edmonton on a chilly, almost fall, afternoon. The rain clouds parted just long enough to keep us dry, if not a bit chilled, so we could capture their remarkable relationship in their favourite spots. Between the street art, Starbucks coffee break, old brick buildings, and goofy face making I can honestly say this was one of my favourite sessions. They were so authentic and real I couldn't help but have fun along with them and be drawn in to their extraordinary relationship.

Thank you Ben & Jessi for allowing me to capture your #littledepartures and congratulations on your engagement.

  • Jessi&BenBW2018-001
  • Jessi&Ben2018-055
  • Jessi&Ben2018-046
  • Jessi&Ben2018-035
  • Jessi&Ben2018-029
  • Jessi&Ben2018-015
  • Jessi&Ben2018-065
  • Jessi&Ben2018-047
  • Jessi&Ben2018-026
  • Jessi&BenBW2018-047
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