A winter photoshoot in Edmonton, or even Alberta for that matter, can be a risky idea. No one can can predict what the weather may be. I have done photoshoots in -30C all the way to +5 in the winter. The weather is about as predictable as my ever changing moods. So, when we set out to photograph Emily and Kevin's photos at the Legislature grounds in December, we just prayed for warm weather. 

The plan was three fold, as any good plan is.

One: We head to the Legislature grounds around the golden hour. Get some beautiful and colourful sunset photographs. Any Albertan knows that one of the benefits of sub zero temperatures is the beautifully painted sunsets. 

Two: We head to their favourite pub, and frequent date night spot, for a drink and a few photos.

Three: Head back to the Legislature grounds for a few Christmas light photographs.

Luckily, it all worked out. Not only did we get a great skyline as our backdrop but the weather accommodate our need for great photos. That night was a trifecta of luck. The weather was great, the pub wasn't full when we arrived (allowing us to score some cute photos, and the Legislature grounds were light up the night before. All in all in was a fun night.

I can't wait to photograph the wedding and see what other amazing moments I get to capture with these two. 

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