Wedding season in Alberta is a short and packed time of year. While weddings can be amazing and fun, I generally don't book weddings because of my already crazy summer schedule. However, after doing Emily and Kevin's engagement session, they both wanted me to capture their wedding as well.

   For friends I am always happy to help out. Luckily, their wedding was going to be in November so it worked perfect! Plus, photographing a friends wedding can be fun. You have even more reason to get together for a "meeting" and a beer to chat about the wedding.

   Unfortunately, weeks before the wedding I had to go to the hospital for severe pain. Panic set in, would I be better in time for the wedding? Not only would I be failing to fill a business contract but I would be leaving a good friend with no photographer! I immediately started planning for the possibility of not being able to capture their wedding. I made plan A through F and then a few extra "just in case" alternatives. 

  Luckily the photographer community in Edmonton is amazing and I know a few friends and colleagues who are always willing to offer advice and assistance. My good friend Melissa Blunden from Cedar Lane Weddings was more than happy to be on hold to cover for me should the need arise. So, as it the wedding neared I handed the reins over to Melissa knowing that she would do an amazing job.

  As the day approached everything was set up and ready to go. Melissa had reached out to Emily and they had smoothed out any concerns and questions. Melissa is awesome so I knew there would be no problems with handing the wedding over to her. I knew Emily would like her right away. However, as the day approached I slowly started to feel better and I did not want to miss out on my friends wedding.

  The plan changed for a third time (glad I have learned to go with the flow better than in my younger years.) First I was doing the wedding. Then Melissa was being contracted out to complete the wedding. In a fun turn of events, it became somewhat of a collaboration between Departure Photography and Cedar Lane Weddings. 

  Rather than solely contract out the wedding to Melissa, we shot the wedding together. She captured the morning (getting ready, first look, and couple portraits.) We did the ceremony together and I stuck around in the evening. It was fun! I got to learn a few wedding tricks and see my friends get married. Melissa got to squee over my baby bump and laugh at me trying to get into awkward places to capture the ceremony.

  Overall, the day worked out perfect and the wedding was beautiful. Everyone in the wedding party was a trooper and stuck it out in the cold November Edmonton air. Emily was such a beautiful and animated bride. Going through the photographs and picking which ones to edit was ridiculously hard to do. She had so many authentic moments full of joy and emotion. 

  Surprisingly, or perhaps not so surprisingly, enough so did Kevin. Normally an even keeled guy that doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeve, he had amazingly authentic moments of sheer joy and happiness. 

  Being 6 months pregnant at the time of editing, I shed a few tears and giggles just looking at their emotions and obvious love for each other. It was an amazing day and I am so happy for them (even if it was a bit chilly!)

  I want to express an enormous "thank you" to Emily and Kevin for all of their understanding, support, and trust they have place in me. I have loved every moment of documenting their life together. I can't wait for all of their #littledepartures that are yet to come and wish them the happiest and fullest marriage together.

  I also want to thank the kind and amazingly talented Melissa at Cedar Lane Photography for working this wedding with me. It takes a special person to help a person in need, even when you were insanely busy already. So thank you for helping me out and collaborating on this wedding. It was fun to edit my images with yours and see the similarities and differences between our styles.

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