*This blog post is written by a customer who wanted to share her experience of getting intimate glamour photographs taken. In no way did I advise or edit this. It appears as she intended it to be.

    I am very comfortable in my own body. I am not shy about what I have, or don't have. I am lucky in that way, I guess. That being said, I have also never been trained how to BE in front of a camera either. There is something to be said for appearing stylistic while at the same time looking nonchalant. It's no easy feat. If you were to say: "Go stand over there - I am going to take a picture of you." The end result would be just that: an average woman, standing in an average way. Nothing special. Nothing stylistic.

    I have done a boudoir photo shoot before when I was much younger. I did what everyone does: bust out the nylons and corsets and hope the camera does some kind of magic to take you from being that average woman, in lingerie, to something remarkable. Something worth sharing. Something worth showing. It did not. You'd think being younger I would have the 'glow of youth' or some semblance of sassy confidence which I have felt I have always had. To be honest. They looked like pictures of an average woman, in average clothing, in an average room. It was a disappointing experience to say the least.

    Fast forward quite a few years (like a fine wine, I got better with age, perhaps?) this is where we come to my 'glamour shoot' - so very aptly named. I have been following Genna in her photography journey for some time. I feel like our souls share the same connection to bridges. Her pictures pull me in every time and I feel.... I FEEL when I look at them. Like there is a memory hidden there, a story that I remember like a dream: full of intrigue and adventure. And that might sound cheesy - but that's what art is and that's what art does. So, deeply appreciating her photography style, when she started talking about doing these 'glamour shoots' and how they were like boudoir - but not to be mistaken as boudoir - had me very intrigued. I started to wonder. Could she tell the story of me?

    We had a really good conversation about body image, confidence, what IS sexy - not to someone else but to YOU, what is YOUR sexy, when have you felt the apex of yourself - and if you could create a photo of yourself at your most confident - what would that look like? Hypothetically and realistically. This time there were no nylons. No corsets. But there was a killer pair of heels and my 3 best blazers. I have worn some combination of these 4 items every time I have had an interview (and there have been a few in the last couple of years) and I always feel like I am KILLING it. Like I am the biggest bad-ass. I feel comfortable, I feel confident and that makes me feel sexy. Add to that the only set of matching underwear I own: and I am starting to get a recipe for something magical here.

    The magic truly happened when Genna and I, in the studio, started dreaming up the different shots we wanted to do and making them a reality. I had brought a scotch glass as a personal touch. While the experience itself was truly for myself, the hope was to have something on the other end to give to my amazing husband. He is the scotch drinker and would appreciate the sentiment.

    With only that in hand and my best pair of heels - we created some of the most stunning photos I have ever seen. I went from average to something extraordinary. Genna coached me on how to sit and the slightest movements to take me from, say, just sitting there, to: wow, look at those leg muscles. I felt confident in the clothing I was wearing because they were my 'power' clothes. I felt even better knowing that the one thing I was uncomfortable with: how to stand/move/look/smile - Genna had me. Like I said, it is a small number of people who know how to BE in front of a camera. With Genna on the other side of the lens she was able to look, assess, and communicate: a little to the left... boom! "The Shot" was had. And always done in such a manner that made me feel at ease. I never felt when she told me to move that I was doing anything wrong. When she told me to move I knew it was because she was taking it from average to amazing. We all have the potential - sometimes all we need is someone to point us (or the toe of our shoe) in the right direction. She took me from: average woman in an average way, to: something worth sharing. Something worth showing. 

    These photos are, to me, even better than my wedding photos (and I LOVE those photos). She captured me. She hinted at my hidden memory, my story remembered, as if from a dream. The experience itself was one of laughter, self discovery and feeling more confident than I have ever been in my life. The outcome of the experience are photos that are tastefully imagined, enthusiastically executed and artistically presented. Originally thought to be for my husband, now all of a sudden: for me. I will cherish these photos for years and years to come. For they show me: me. Me as I want to be seen. Me being proud of myself. Me having fun as myself.

    It was a very rewarding experience. I look forward to doing it again when the memory fades and I need the experience of discovering my inner sexy confidence again.


Confident Me

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