About a month ago I was contacted by a friend to capture authentic lifestyle portraits of her twins turning three. I always enjoy shooting in a lifestyle setting and their Sherwood Park home had the perfect feel for a lifestyle shoot. I was honoured that she had contacted me for this as this held a lot of importance to them. Not only is turning three a big deal but these two little cuties have survived a lot in their short lives.

    Lilly and John are fraternal twins that were born premature. So premature in fact, that they almost did not make it. John was born at only 2 lbs 13 ounces and Lilly even less at 2 lbs 1 ounce. It is literally a miracle that they are here today celebrating their third birthday. It is also why it is such a honour to take their photos. To look at their baby pictures and watch them grow up into the active, crazy, funny, and loving kids that they are today has been amazing. However, it did also make the pictures a little intimidating to take as I knew this was an important moment to capture.

    It was a fun challenge to keep up with these two little ones. Of course photographing children is always a fun challenge. It is an interesting balance of getting them involved in an activity but keeping them posed for a picture. This part of the fun of being a photographer. It was fun trying to catch these two together in one picture. Photographing a three year old can be a challenge all on its own. They have the ability to run around crazy but are not the easiest to rationalize with, as anyone with a three year old will know. Now add in the challenge of two and you may start to understand the challenge that I was up against. You would think that as twins they would move together but these two loved to move in opposition. One was looking at the camera, the other was looking or moving away. It was hilarious to watch the synchronization of their opposing movements. It made for a very fun day and some amazing lifestyle/authentic pictures (my favourite).

    I feel very lucky to have such amazing clients and friends. A huge thanks to this amazing family for letting me capture your twins moments!

Genna @ Departure Photography

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