Kristina and Riley contacted me over a year and a half ago to capture their engagement. Kristina was a close friend to another client of mine and already familiar with my work. Having met her a few times, I was excited to get to capture her beautiful and artistic vision for their engagement.  What I didn't expect was, in the next year, capturing their maternity and new born photos as well. Being a newer company, I haven't had too many chances to watch my clients life grow and change. This was relatively new and exciting and I couldn't wait to get started.

The Engagement Session

   Not one to specialize in weddings, I wasn't there for their beautiful day. However, I was happy to have been a part of their engagement.  

    Just shy of a year later, I randomly heard from Kristina. At the time, I was busy travelling so I had not expected to hear from her. Almost ready to pop, she was so pregnant, she wanted to set up a quick last minute session in one of Edmonton's beautiful creek valleys. Again, I was excited. Kristina and Riley always have a few ideas in mind and then they let run with it. 

   So, a few weeks after hearing from her we set out on a beautiful, if not mosquito filled, afternoon near Blackmud Creek. They were such troopers. Between the mosquitos, heat, and the almost over due baby bump we got through a beautiful session. I don't know if I could have done it. Thanks to their dedication and great chemistry we got some great captures! 

The Maternity Session

    Even though the maternity session was extremely close to her due date, the little guy made us wait. We didn't realize that little baby Theo knew something that every good super hero knows; if you want to make a dramatic and lasting impression, show up fashionably late. So he did. Though he was definitely worth the wait. 

    A week of settling into this new and crazy world, Theo got his first chance to shine for the camera...and shine he did. I couldn't have asked for a better subject. He never cried, let me shape and mold him to fit the picture, and didn't poop or pee on me. He was a dream! And if I do say so myself, we got some pretty flippin' cute pictures because of it.

The Newborn Session

 It's sessions like these that make me feel very lucky to have such amazing customers that trust me with their life's biggest moments. I cannot wait to capture more of them.

Thank you Kristina, Riley, and baby Theo on trusting me to capture your memories!

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