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In the summer I had a "tag a friend contest" for a free mini session. The contest brought in new and exciting people to my humble Facebook page. The contest was simple, tag two friends and like my Facebook page and you’re entered to win. Then I went the old fashion way and put everyones names on a individual piece of paper and put them in a hat. It wasn't high tech, but it worked.

First one out of the hat was Amanda Ashurst. It almost didn’t work out as I contacted her a few times and never got an answer back. I was just about to contact the runner up when I got a message from Amanda. Turns out her husband had accidentally deleted the message so it was a near miss. We met in Terwillegar, Edmonton to capture some of the fall colours and the beautiful bridge set in an eclectic creek scenery. While I am not a huge fan of the weather in Alberta, I love this time of year. The explosion of colour and beautiful lighting makes for a great picture. That is why I chose this spot, I love the contrast of the blue and rust coloured bridge with the oranges and yellows of the trees. It makes for a beautiful scene.

It was an absolute pleasure to capture Amanda, her husband, and son in their natural personalities. I love setting a scene and then creating an activity for the customer so that all of their interactions are natural, calm, and authentic. To me, I want to get that one shot that shows through and through who you are and how your family life unfolds. I think that is my favourite part of photography; that challenge of making people look real, great, but authentic. Amanda and her family gave me so much to work with I could have shot longer than the 30 minutes that we had together. I truly hope that I will have an opportunity to take more pictures for this family in the future!

Ultimately, I think that the contest was a success. I was able to bring some attention to my business and help a family out. Keep your eyes peeled for another contest in the winter!

Life's and adventure; Depart the mundane.

Genna @ Departure Photography

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