My First Photoshoot - Departure Photography

One day, whilst searching the internet, I stumbled upon my friend Chelsey's interest in a winter photoshoot. Swallowing my nervousness I contacted her and she was very receptive to the idea of a photoshoot with me, regardless of my inexperience.   

A few weeks later we met up in the river valley of Edmonton for a beautiful winter setting. If I am being 100% honest, I was terrified of a million different things going wrong. So, I came armed with extra batteries, blankets, written ideas, and props. However, once they arrived, it all felt very natural. Having worked in paediatrics for several years and trained athletes for even more, it was normal to interact with people and give them verbal guidance. In a lot of ways, my previous jobs had prepared me for photography. Making people feel at ease and giving clear and concise instructions were extremely important skills to have when working with patients, clients, or athletes. Likewise, I have yet to have a photography client who LOVES being in from of a camera. So, making people feel comfortable is pretty important.

Chelsey, Craig, and their three children were amazing. Their children were so much fun to interact with and photograph. They have so much personality and spunk. With so much personality, it was easy to capture authentic family moments. Throughout the whole process they were fantastic! They truly made my first photoshoot stress free and fun. By the end of the photoshoot I was certain this was exactly what I wanted to do every day.

Thank you Chelsey and Craig for letting me photograph your family when I was untested and just starting out. I will always look at these photos and think of an a happy and defining moment in my life.

Genna@ Departure Photography

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