In the summer a good friend of mine, Jolena, called me up with a very important request. You see, Jolena and Trevor were struggling with something that many couples fear, the inability to have a baby. After years of trying they made the hard but inspiring decision to adopt instead. This is something that I greatly respect as I believe that there are so many children in this world looking for love and what better couple than Jolena and Trevor to love that kid.    

    Of course the moment that I heard why they needed photographs done I wanted to be a part of it. As part of the long and extensive adoption process, you need to provide a letter to the potential birth mother that has details of your life complete with pictures. It's like the ultimate resume but instead of saying "hire me to work for you," it has to scream "hire me to take care of your child forever!" So one stormy Alberta summer day we headed out into a wet field to capture the essence of who Jolena & Trevor are.         

    It is pretty intimidating to take pictures knowing that they could positively affect your friends adoption process. I was more than a little nervous to start this session. I prepared more than I ever have before. I'm pretty sure I dreamt about poses that might give them that "give me your baby" look. All in all the session went well, if not a bit wet as it had absolutely poured before we started. We found this amazing little old farm house out in the middle of rural Alberta near their farm. It gave the photoshoot a great look and the photos came out great. We were able to capture them and their three crazy dogs out on the farm being exactly who they are. 

     Several months later Jolena text me inquiring about my computer skills. I feel pretty confident with a computer seeing as I no longer have to proceed with D://Run etc. etc. My dad was and still is the master at wrecking computers. So, it was up to me to fix it every time he wrecked it. After telling Jolena my cute little anecdote, she was in for a girls night/resume night. 

    A week later we sat down at my "home office" (dinner table) with a beer and began the difficult task of writing a letter to a hypothetical woman to convince her that they are the people she wants to take care of her child. It is definitely a daunting task. We added photos, write ups about them individually and together, and formatted it in a way that only college students could understand (complete with footnotes.) While I wouldn't normally volunteer for work like this as my 6+ years of university has given me an aversion to such things. I was promised unlimited kid snuggles from their future child; So really, I win in this deal.

    I wish Jolena and Trevor all the best in their adoption process. I am so happy that I could be part of the process and help a friend out. I can't wait to do future family shoots with them!

Enjoy your life adventures!

Genna @ Departure Photography

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