First Two Weeks

Well, I have been in Tofino for two weeks and it has been awesome. It rained for four days straight, been sunny for three, and has been everything in between those two extremes. The surf has been good for the most part and since I got here I haven't regretted packing up my van and driving out here. It has been something that I have always wanted to do and I finally reached a point where I could find a reason to not do it.

The first few days my husband was out with me and it was a lot of getting settled, dropping off business cards to try and get photography gigs, and being on the water. We are staying on a piece of property that has nothing but running water so it has made for some camping adventure. We have a pop up tent set up so we have some cover should it rain. All of our cooking equipment and surf boards live under the tent (all the important stuff has to stay dry.) The dogs wander the property during the day and travel/sleep in the van with me. It is funny how long everything takes when you are cooking and cleaning from a camp stove. Breakfast takes me almost two hours and all I have is granola,fruit, yogurt, and coffee. However, the coffee takes a good 15 minutes and then I boil a bit of water to do the dishes, dry them, and put everything in sealed bins so that wildlife doesn't get into it. It is an endeavour every morning but it keeps me busy and I enjoy going through that routine. As for showering, I boil some water and put it in our foot pump water bag and create a tarp shower. It feels amazing while showering but the minute the water is not on you it is shockingly cold.

After my “fancy” breakfast, I go check the surf. That takes a good half hour as there are three spots I go check before I make a decision. Then it’s time to get on the wetsuit, always a fun challenge, as even in April I am wearing a 5/4 with a hood or a 4/3. The dogs wait patiently from the van while I play like a giddy child in the surf. Being on the water is like my yoga. I feel so peaceful, connected, and truly in the moment. It is such a fun combination of respect for the ocean, fear, fun, and adrenaline. If you ever get to cocky or confident the ocean has a way of putting you in your place and taking you down a few notches. It is hands down one of the most enjoyable sports I have done, and I have participated in a lot of sports. After surfing I begin the struggle of getting out of my wetsuit. I thought that after taking off my wetsuit everyday I would begin to get more proficient at it, I was dead wrong. The struggle is real!

After surfing my day can go a few ways. Sometimes I take the dogs for a walk and take pictures. The scenery in Tofino is top notch. From expansive flat beaches to beautiful forest paths, Tofino has it all. You can’t help but feel connected and peaceful here as it is so secluded and yet alive. In the forest you can't help but feel how massive the world is around you yet, you never feel alone as the forest is alive with the wind, the sound of the ocean break, and the animals. If I don't go for a hike then I go to the local coffee shop “Tuff Beans” to get a coffee and use their wifi. They have come to know me so I am slowly making friends from familiarity. The locals are starting to think I am a local rather than a tourist so they have  chat with me about the surf and weather. It is a nice reprieve from the silence. My dogs don’t provide the best conversation, though I find myself talking to them more often than not. 

 As for work, I have not had a chance to book a client yet. Though to be perfectly honest, I have spent a lot of my energy surfing. Tofino is already home to many excellent photographers as the beautiful scenery and surf scene attract talent photographers. However, I have had a chance to take some landscape photographs that I am in love with. As much as I have been enjoying not working, I need to buckle down and get some clients. I had a brilliant idea to make a sign and hang out on the beach. There are so many tourists here that rent a board and head out to the local break to try their hand at surfing. I figure if I am around to take a few photos they just might be interested in them. Really, it’s a win win scenerio because I get to sit on the beach and watch the surf. If I attract a few clients, WIN. If I do not, well, life is still good. Regardless, I will let you know how this plan goes.

But, now I must go. The tide is going back out and I need to do a surf check.

Life is an adventure; depart from the mundane.

Departure Photography (April/16)

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