Intimate Glamour

     Right now your thinking "intimate glamour, what's that?" Well, let me tell you. Intimate glamour is my special brand of boudoir. Now before you put a negative connotation on the idea, continue reading because its probably not what you think.   

    You are sexy, beautiful, and desirable because you are you. I know that sounds cliche but your spouse or partner is with you because of those special things about you that they find irresistible. Not because you look like the hottest Hollywood star or a porn star. If they really wanted to see that they could find it pretty much anywhere, people are bombarded by it every day.  Often that means that lingerie isn't even in the picture. It could be anything: a baggy tee shirt and sexy underwear, a personal article clothing (jersey, dress shirt, sweat shirt), or a sexy underwear set. These sessions are custom to you so that when you show these pictures off they recognize the meaning and attractiveness of the photograph.    

    That is what these sessions are aimed, capturing those amazing things about you that makes you desirable. These sessions are all about you and capturing your authentic self in a provocative and sexy way. They hint towards your intentions, a little bit of tasteful digital foreplay, if you will.   

Tasteful but sexy is my goal and I want to create that for you! Contact me today to inquire about this custom experience and see my private portfolio.

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