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Lets Get to Know Each Other

   Hi! I'm Genna and I am the person behind Departure Photography. Not only am I a photographer but I am a Sponsored Stand Up Paddle Board athlete that has represented Canada in International competition. 

   My photography style combines these two great loves of my life and largely dictates my style. To an outsider it may look somewhat random but my life is based around one simple principle. To live life to the fullest, see as much as I can, and go on as many adventures as possible (big or small.) Those adventures can be based around travel, family/life moments, or sports. Which is why my business is called Departure Photography. 

   Departure is defined as several things but two of them resonate with how I live my life and how I want my photography to be shown to the world:

1.The action of leaving, typically to start a journey

2.Deviation from an accepted, prescribed, or traditional course of action

  Each moment or #littledeparture I capture is build around the idea of bringing authenticity, realism, lifestyle, emotion, and a new twist on life. If this sounds epic to you then we may just be perfect for each other to depart on your photography adventure together. 

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